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Meet Our Team


Donna Welch, FNP-C

Donna Welch is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner at East Tennessee Vascular Center, where she brings her expertise and compassionate care to her patients. She holds a Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certification and completed her medical education at Lincoln Memorial University.

Donna and her family reside in Morristown, where they are actively involved in the local sports community. Her commitment to both her profession and her community highlights her dedication to improving the health and well-being of those around her.


Donna Shampine, Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Technician

Donna has over 20 years of experience in aesthetics. She is certified in dermaplaning, extensive chemical peels, laser services, and nanoneedling. She has worked at ETVC for six years. She loves coming to work every day, and her favorite thing about ETVC is that she can help clients address their concerns and educate them on how to care for their skin, to restore skin health and correct skin conditions in a medical environment. Donna grew up in Morristown. She and her husband, Tom, have three kids. When she’s not working, Donna enjoys the lake life, hiking, and relaxing on the porch with her husband.

Fun facts about Donna:

  • She and her family attend Manley Church, where she is part of the choir and praise team.

  • Her favorite restaurant is Aubrey’s.

  • She loves Kelley Marie Chic Boutique.

  • She sweats at the Mall Fitness Center.

  • Her favorite holidays are Easter and Christmas.

Kristi Fox, LPN

Kristi is a Morristown native. She graduated from East High with honors, attended tech school in Morristown to become an LPN and certified phlebotomist. She trained as a cath lab technician on the job, and she’s worked at ETVC for six and a half years. Kristi’s favorite thing about working at ETVC is getting to help the patient heal wounds that have sometimes been present for years, and working in the cath lab—knowing that sometimes it is literally life vs. limb for her patients. She loves working in the cath lab. Kristi also loves the closeness of everyone who works at ETVC, and the fun they have at work holiday get-togethers. When she’s not helping patients at ETVC, you can find Kristi spending time with family and friends, playing volleyball/softball, riding four wheelers, fishing and hanging out on the lake, hunting, and camping with family.

Fun facts about Kristi:

  • She married her high school sweetheart, Allen, and they have two kids and two bull mastiffs named Remy and Murph.

  • She attends Russellville Baptist Church.

  • She loves the color red!

  • She loves Mexican and Japanese food, Aubreys, and Emma’s Asian One.

  • She works out at Twisted Iron Fitness.

  • Kristi enjoys Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  • You’ll find her rooting for Georgia football!

  • She loves watching her kids play sports.

Tonya Richards, Manager

While Tonya currently lives in Mooresburg, she’s a Morristown native. She graduated from Morristown West High School and Walters State. She’s worked at ETVC about four years, and she loves working with Jen and Dr. Assadnia, and the rest of the staff, because they have fun! She also enjoys being able to help patients and hear their stories. Tonya has many good memories from her years here at ETVC, but her favorite thing is going to health events and teaching people about what East Tennessee Vascular Center is, and what Jen and Dr. Assadnia do.

Fun facts about Tonya:

  • She married her high school sweetheart, John, at age 18. They have two girls together, as well as a cat named Stripes and a dog named Charlie.

  • When not at work, she enjoys camping and hanging out with her kiddos and best friends, traveling, and gardening.

  • Tonya’s favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • Her favorite sports are softball/baseball.

  • She likes to go hiking (when she has time!)

  • Her favorite food: ham and pineapple pizza.

Beverly Hunt, Front Office Coordinator

Beverly is a Morristown native and a graduate of Lakeway Christian School. She’s been a part of the ETVC family for six and a half years. Her favorite part about working here is getting to meet new people from different walks of life, and spending time with the rest of the staff, celebrating holidays. Beverly and her husband, Jim, have two kids. They also have a pet dog, Tucker. When she’s not at ETVC, you can find Beverly spending time with family and watching her daughter play basketball. She’s a member of the Morristown Baptist Tabernacle.

Fun facts about Beverly:

  • Her favorite food is Mexican.

  • She loves Thanksgiving.

  • She’s a Tennessee Vols fan!

  • Her favorite restaurants are Texas Roadhouse and Mi Toro.

Kristi L. Harmon, Ultrasound Sonographer

Kristi graduated from Roane State Community College, and has 15 years of experience in her field. She has worked at ETVC for six years. Her favorite thing about working here is getting to meet all kinds of different people, and helping them figure out their diagnosis, so they can get back to being a healthier and happier patient. Kristi is a native of Claiborne County, where she still lives today. She is the youngest of four siblings. She has two cats: Marley Possum and Boo Kitty. She has six dogs: Kimber, Kobe, Porter, Pootie, Rudy and Amos. When she’s not at work, Kristi is at the movies, being a fur baby mama, hiking, swimming, floating the river, or hanging out on the lake. She’s a member of the New Hope Baptist Church.


Fun facts about Kristi:

  • She loves the color purple.

  • Her favorite food is steak & seafood.

  • She likes to eat at Aubrey’s, Cheesecake Factory, and Chesapeake's.

  • Kristi’s favorite holiday: Easter.

  • She’s a Tennessee Volunteer Fan!

Ashlie Lewis, LPN

Ashlie is Morristown born and raised. She graduated from Morristown Hamblen High School East in 2007, and Tennessee Tech, where she received her LPN training, in 2010. She has worked at ETVC for the past three and a half years. She really enjoys meeting new people and has happy memories of spending holidays with her ETVC co-workers. Ashlie has two sons and one daughter. When she’s not at work, she is spending time with, probably doing something outdoors! Ashlie attends The Avenue Church.

Fun facts about Ashlie:

  • She’s a Tennessee Vols fan.

  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • She loves steak, and her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse.

  • She loves watching The Bachelor.

Joshua Heaton, Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist

Joshua has an AAS in Cardiovascular Technology. Before joining the team at ETVC seven years ago, he already had over a decade of experience in his field. He enjoys his co-workers at ETVC, and especially has fun at the annual Christmas party. He’s originally from Elizabethton, Tennessee. Joshua and his wife, Andrea, have one daughter. When he’s not at work, you can find him spending time with his family.

Fun facts about Joshua:

  • His favorite color is blue.

  • HIs favorite sports team is Tennessee.

Veronica Hall, Registered Nurse

Veronica is a Morristown native and a graduate of King University. She’s been a part of the ETVC family for 1 year and loves her co-workers. Her favorite memory is when they threw her a Taylor Swift themed birthday party. When she’s not at work, she is spending time with her two daughters Nora and Ava.

Fun facts about Veronica:

  • Her favorite color is purple.

  • She is the biggest fan of her daughters’ cheer and volleyball teams!

  • She loves to play Singo & Trivia at Aubreys!

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